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44 Rankeilor Street
Dunedin South
New Zealand 9012

03 456 2345

What our clients say about Humanimals

I've been thinking about how and why people choose the vet they do.

The first people most of us meet at a vet's is the receptionist. Karen at HUMANIMALS is great. Just the right balance of efficiency and caring.

Generally the next person we meet is a vet. You kind of get a feel for what people are like by the way they treat your animals. The first two vets I met at Humanimals were great. They treated my dog the way I did, and it seemed natural for them to do so - not in a fake way that made me feel that they were copying my behaviour.

However, the true test for me has been when my dog has been ill. When the pressure's on, the middle of the night, when I am distraught and my dog is really sick. When my dog has to stay in overnight on drips and meds to keep her going, when you want to visit your sick baby and just give her cuddles.... that's when you really find out.

That's when you get to meet the people you don't get to see so often - the vet nurses! They are the people that care for your pet when they are really sick. It's a bit like human hospitals really - the doctor (vet) does the prescribing but the nurses carry out the constant interaction, care and monitoring... the love and cuddles. One is not more important than the other - what I'm saying is they are both as important as each other in their own special way.

The vet nurses that have got Toffee (and me) through her traumas so far have been amazing! There really aren't words to describe it - you have to have been there. The special nurses at Humanimals are Krystle, Lisa, Victoria, and Bestie. You guys have made it bearable for my poor girl when she has been really sick.

So it's not one thing that makes a vet practice special, it's a combination of things BUT if one of those things goes wrong, it's enough to make the whole thing fall apart. The people who work there make it special. I hope you all look after each other because without each one of you it just wouldn't be the same!

Denise Ives, owner of Toffee.

"Highly, highly recommended! Lovely, friendly and professional service! They reassured me and my little man in his time of need! Thank you so much! We'll be back in on Tuesday to see how the little man is going! GREAT price too :) I can't thank them enough, honestly!"

Holly Procter, owner of Indi and Bonzo