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44 Rankeilor Street
Dunedin South
New Zealand 9012

03 456 2345
  • Marie Hennessy VN, CATA
    Practice Manager

    Marie joined the clinic as practice manager in May 2011. She has over 27 years experience as a veterinary nurse, working in first opinion clinical practice in Scotland as a head veterinary nurse, as well as at Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital - her role there was clinical services co-ordinator and deputy head veterinary nurse. She was the practical skills co-ordinator for the Diploma in Veterinary Nursing at UCOL in Palmerston North before her move south to Dunedin. More recently she was a Senior Lecturer and Programme Manager in Veterinary Nursing at Otago Polytechnic. During this time she was also President of the New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association and later she was the Editor of the New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association Journal. She brings a wealth of experience to this new role. Marie completed a Diploma in Business Management in 2012, a Diploma in Human Resources in 2014 and a Diploma in Financial Management 2016.

    Marie Hennessy Practice Manager
  • Janine Bolton

    Janine juggles our books in between juggling her three children – you’ll often find her popping in and out of the office with a carseat or child in her arms! Janine’s job is to keep the accounts running smoothly and tying each day’s work up nice and tidily – and solving any problems!....Something like a cross between a Huntaway, a St Bernard and a lion with a headache!

    Janine moved from Rotorua to Dunedin in 2002 with her partner and has been working with computers and numbers ever since, after an eclectic early working life including Japanese-speaking tour guiding, teaching, hotel management and selling mobile phones. She looks forward to adding a cat and a dog to the family once the children are old enough to help look after them

    janine staff pic
  • Cynthia Wilson

    Cynthia Wilson, was born and bred Dunedinite to Dutch immigrants. She have always loved animals and her earliest memory is of a red border collie her uncle had - making her want one of her own. Cynthia has a degree in Psychology and has found it incredibly useful in handling both people and understanding animal behaviour. She has worked here and in Australia but for the past 15 years has been working on her husbands' family dairy farm and raising four children. She has also spent a lot of time being involved in volunteer work in the community. Cynthia and her family have recently shifted back to be nearer her family and friends and bring with them their youngest two children, two dogs and two cats. Her husband is still involved in the dairy industry and she is keen to be around the smaller animals again.

    Cynthia wilson
  • Diana Van Der Poel

    Diana Van Der Poel, joined Humanimals practice in March 2018 and is happy to assist the pet owners she encounters at the front desk. Since returning home after a number of years spent working overseas, she has been pressed into the role of groom, helping with the care of her daughter’s competition horses and also enjoys taking the families eager Jack Russell/ Foxy X dogs for a run out in the beautiful NZ countryside.

    Monty 1