Our Hospital Facility

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44 Rankeilor Street
Dunedin South
New Zealand 9012

03 456 2345

Hospitalisation at Humanimals

Hospitalisation is a strange word which probably means little to our clients. To us it means taking on the responsibility for the care and monitoring of a patient.

This can vary from direct supervision of a critical or unstable patient such as one recovering from anaesthesia, being given a blood transfusion or with breathing difficulties, through to just ensuring medications are given, comfort and pain assessed and “ins and outs” (food and water in, poop and urine out) are monitored. In all cases our patients are provided with a warm, draught free kennel with soft clean bedding. When upgraded in 2014, the dog kennels were comfort tested by a staff member (cat kennels were too small for that particular test) and found to be quiet and comfortable.

Cats and dogs have separate rooms with at least two doors between them. Including kennel doors there are also at least 3 doors between our patients and the outside. Fresh water is of course always available (unless there is a medical reason this should not be done – rare but possible), and food appropriate to the animals species and condition is offered at different times during the day.

Qualified & Caring Vet Nurses

Throughout the working day there is a designated nurse assigned to the hospital rooms. Their job is to provide for the needs of these patients and to keep owners updated with progress. This nurse role is critical – it is the link between the patient, the vet and our clients. All our nurses understand this and take their responsibilities very seriously. You should expect communication with the clinic at least 2 times a day when your pet is hospitalised. We do not have “visiting hours” but clients are welcome to visit their pet at any time. You may be asked to wait a little if we are working directly with a patient at the time of your visit.