Preventative Healthcare

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Preventative health care is commonly likened to being at the top of the cliff, preventing disaster, rather than the bottom, dealing with the consequences. Our preventative medicine services include:

  • Puppy & Kitten Exams - including vaccination plans, deworming and advice on training and neutering.
  • Vaccination against common infectious and, in some cases, potentially life-threatening diseases such as canine parvovirus, kennel cough, feline panleucopenia and feline upper respiratory tract infections. 
  • Regular parasite control in the form of de-worming and flea treatments.
  • Obesity management - assistance with putting together your pet's diet and exercise plan.
  • Senior Care - blood sample analysis (looking at vital organ function), clinical exams and help maintaining quality of life - including mobility and nutritional advice.

Annual health check-ups

We all know that early identification and treatment of diseases can improve the outcome. Annual health check-ups play a vital role in the early detection of diseases such as periodontal disease, cardiac disease and osteoarthritis. These check-ups are also a perfect time to discuss preventative health care. This discussion will generally cover the topics above and anything else appropriate for your pet. In more senior patients or those on medications, blood work may be appropriate to assess organ function and screen for certain diseases.

Preventative health care is all about our team working with you to ensure your pet is as healthy and happy as possible.